Financial Redemption during a Pandemic ?

The current COVID-19 pandemic caused major disruptions to the global economy, placing the financial future of almost all business at risk.  Owners of previously thriving businesses were unexpectedly left to face the challenges of meeting contractual obligations, maintaining their cash flow demands and generally dealing with major disruptions on every level of their business operations. […]

Retrenchments : Standing The Test Of Time

By : Mr H.J Beyers Date : 28 May 2020 During these though economic times a lot of small businesses and companies will have no other option as to let some of the employees go in order to keep their doors open. It is a sad reality in South Africa due to the enormous impact […]

Is this an unlawful arrest

With regulations being promulgated on almost a daily basis faster than the speed of light in an attempt by Government to regulate the different phases of the Covid 19 lockdown, it causes the predicament to the man on the street to know and understand what is right and wrong, subject to the old maxim that […]

Proper Exercising of Legal Prerogative ?

By Bean du Plessis – February 2020 The collective agreement for the National Bargaining Council for the Private Security Sector (NBCPSS) was published on the 20th day of February 2020 and will come into operation on Monday the 2nd day of March 2020.   We will investigate and publish our opinions in respect thereof during […]

Employee Share Scheme

Employee Share Schemes (E.S.S) are becoming increasingly popular amongst large and even smaller corporate entities that want to incentivize and engage their workforce and recruit and retain key employees. Although Employee Share Schemes are structured and implemented in various forms and for different reasons, certain key principles need to be adhered to at all times […]

Not Receiving Your Salary

The terms and conditions governing the employment of an employee is regulated by the agreement entered into between the employer and the employee and sometimes even other sources of legislation such as Sectoral Determinations. It should be noted that any employment agreement is subject to the provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. The […]

Instituting a Divorce ?

A divorce causes emotional turmoil and has far reaching consequences for both your financial future and other members of your household. Specialized assistance in a sympathetic environment will reduce the pain and suffering normally associated with a divorce. An action for divorce is instituted by the issuing of a summons, which is subsequently served on […]


Concubines, cohabitation or “living together” arrangements are on the increase in modern societies, where most individuals choose not to conclude and register a civil union or enter into a marital relationship. The reasons for these decisions vary from individual to individual, but can in most cases be ascribed to the individual’s fear of subjecting his/her […]

Notice Periods At Resignation : A Growing Trend ?

The employment agreement with an employee may be terminated by the death of the employee, by his/her retirement, by dismissal, by mutual agreement or at the instance of the employee (resignation). In the event of resignation, the employee is obliged to give proper written notice of his/her resignation to the employer, which usually requires ● […]


Many security firms believe that they may be entitled to an exemption from the Private Security Sector Provident Fund (PSSPF) when they join another pension or provident fund that provides similar or even better benefits to their employees. Nothing could be further from the truth. Closer inspection of Sectoral Determination No 6 indicates that a […]