Instituting a Divorce ?


A divorce causes emotional turmoil and has far reaching consequences for both your financial future and other members of your household. Specialized assistance in a sympathetic environment will reduce the pain and suffering normally associated with a divorce.

An action for divorce is instituted by the issuing of a summons, which is subsequently served on your spouse. The attorney of your spouse will deliver a notice to your attorney indicating that he/she intends to defend the action for divorce. Various pleadings will be exchanged between the parties and settlement negotiations will be conducted. In the event of the settlement negotiations being unsuccessful a trialdate will be obtained and will the action be decided on by a judge. Most actions for divorce, however, become settled before reaching the trail stage.

Due to the delay in the hearing of opposed matters some divorces may take several years to finalise. Experience has shown that the majority of divorces becomes settled and finalized within 6 months after the issuing of the summons.

The legal cost in respect of a divorce action will vary from case to case and will largely depend on the duration of the action. We account to our clients on a monthly basis, keeping them informed of the their financial obligations thus preventing our clients from being taken by surprise by unexpected legal expenses after finalization of the matter.

During a consultation with one of our attorneys you will be advised in respect of

  1. maintenance pending the finalization of your divorce
  2. division of assets
  3. custody over and access to minor children
  4. maintenance in respect of minor children
  5. maintenance between spouses
  6. division on interests held in pension funds

Contact us to arrange for a consultation in order to protect your interests and remember to bring the following documents along :

  1. your marriage-certificate
  2. your ante-nuptial agreement
  3. you and your spouse’s current addresses
  4. full names and dates of birth of minor children
  5. salary advices of yourself and your spouse
  6. list of income and expenses