Is this an unlawful arrest


With regulations being promulgated on almost a daily basis faster than the speed of light in an attempt by Government to regulate the different phases of the Covid 19 lockdown, it causes the predicament to the man on the street to know and understand what is right and wrong, subject to the old maxim that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

We at Baartman Du Plessis Attorneys are spending a considerable amount of time and resources to remain updated with the current law, knowing that not even the law enforcement agencies are properly informed.

This then begs the question if I am pulled over or arrested, was I in the wrong. Is it for instance an offence to buy cigarettes or only to sell cigarettes, or in both instances? Can the mere stopping and searching of my person cause an infringement on my dignitas? What are my constitutional rights with reference to the freedom of movement and person, and when is it infringed?

Should you have been in any predicament with law enforcement regarding an alleged transgression of the lock-down regulations, you may have a claim.

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