Retrenchments : Standing The Test Of Time

By : Mr H.J Beyers Date : 28 May 2020 During these though economic times a lot of small businesses and companies will have no other option as to let some of the employees go in order to keep their doors open. It is a sad reality in South Africa due to the enormous impact […]

Not Receiving Your Salary

The terms and conditions governing the employment of an employee is regulated by the agreement entered into between the employer and the employee and sometimes even other sources of legislation such as Sectoral Determinations. It should be noted that any employment agreement is subject to the provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. The […]

Notice Periods At Resignation : A Growing Trend ?

The employment agreement with an employee may be terminated by the death of the employee, by his/her retirement, by dismissal, by mutual agreement or at the instance of the employee (resignation). In the event of resignation, the employee is obliged to give proper written notice of his/her resignation to the employer, which usually requires ‚óŹ […]