Dementia and Power of Attorneys

By : Bean du Plessis With the advantage of increased longevity, came the disadvantage of an increase in the number of people diagnosed with dementia and other mental in-capacities. Many patients, when first diagnosed with such illnesses, will revert to grant a loved one with a “Power of Attorney”, in order to enable them to […]

Retrenchments : Standing The Test Of Time

By : Mr H.J Beyers Date : 28 May 2020 During these though economic times a lot of small businesses and companies will have no other option as to let some of the employees go in order to keep their doors open. It is a sad reality in South Africa due to the enormous impact […]

Is this an unlawful arrest

With regulations being promulgated on almost a daily basis faster than the speed of light in an attempt by Government to regulate the different phases of the Covid 19 lockdown, it causes the predicament to the man on the street to know and understand what is right and wrong, subject to the old maxim that […]

Instituting a Divorce ?

A divorce causes emotional turmoil and has far reaching consequences for both your financial future and other members of your household. Specialized assistance in a sympathetic environment will reduce the pain and suffering normally associated with a divorce. An action for divorce is instituted by the issuing of a summons, which is subsequently served on […]

Reporting The Change In Members and Directors in a Security Business To The Private Security Industry Authority.

Security Businesses, not unlike any other business, dismiss and appoint key individuals like directors  from time to time.  These dismissals and appointments are unfortunately more complicated within the Private Security Industry than the mere completion and lodging of CIPC documentation. The Private Security Industry Regulation Act and Regulations enjoins Security Businesses to comply with certain […]