Notice Periods At Resignation : A Growing Trend ?

The employment agreement with an employee may be terminated by the death of the employee, by his/her retirement, by dismissal, by mutual agreement or at the instance of the employee (resignation). In the event of resignation, the employee is obliged to give proper written notice of his/her resignation to the employer, which usually requires ● […]


Many security firms believe that they may be entitled to an exemption from the Private Security Sector Provident Fund (PSSPF) when they join another pension or provident fund that provides similar or even better benefits to their employees. Nothing could be further from the truth. Closer inspection of Sectoral Determination No 6 indicates that a […]

Drafting a Will

Most people believe that their estate is adequately planned when they are in possession of a will. Wills are downloaded from the internet or bought at stationary stores in order to secure the testator’s peace of mind in this respect. Regretfully, the above, not only leaves the deceased’s next of kin struggling with their loss […]

Enforcing your Debts !

The negative impact of bad debt on the cash flow of any business can be alleviated in a few easy steps. A formal credit policy based on the cash needs of your business must be compiled which should provide for the following 1. The period within which payment should be made for example 60 days. […]

Same Sex Marriages

Social Prejudice under the past South African political dispensation prevented the development of legislation that afforded life partners in same-sex partnerships equal protection and legal security as their married peers.  As a result thereof life partners were unable to partake in effective financial planning and had to face a myriad of financial implications upon termination […]

Reporting The Change In Members and Directors in a Security Business To The Private Security Industry Authority.

Security Businesses, not unlike any other business, dismiss and appoint key individuals like directors  from time to time.  These dismissals and appointments are unfortunately more complicated within the Private Security Industry than the mere completion and lodging of CIPC documentation. The Private Security Industry Regulation Act and Regulations enjoins Security Businesses to comply with certain […]

Antenuptial Agreements

Long after the excitement of the wedding reception has been forgotten, some couples will realise that they neglected to make the single most important arrangement of all, to have an ante nuptial agreement drafted. An ante nuptial agreement, together with the correct advice, will ensure that spouses :- Are in a position to protect their […]