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Notice periods at resignation: a growing trend?

It’s a rising occurrence that employees are resigning without proper notice. In this article we briefly explain how the employee is legally required to give notice, but also what an employer can do if the employee fails to give this notice or just “absconds” his duty.

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Compulsory Wallcharts for Employers

As an employer, you may be wondering exactly which posters you are legally required to display on the walls of your workplace. Let’s dive into the most common ones, some more specialised ones, and where you can find them.

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Unpaid Salaries and Wages

When can an employer not pay an employee, and what can an employee do if an employer simply does not pay them? In this article we have a look at these circumstances to keep employers and employees in the clear.

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Navigating Your “first date” with a Trade Union

A notification from a Trade Union, where they seek to exercise organisational rights, is usually met by frazzled, nervous and highly excitable employers, not unlike a bachelor preparing for his first date. We will, as your proverbial wingman, endeavour to guide you in preparing for your first date with a trade union.

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The General Principles of Collective Bargaining

Most employers, especially those in smaller and medium enterprises, do not fully understand what Collective Bargaining really is. The problem is that they then forego massive errors when faced with dealing with these matters. In this article we explain the general principles employers must understand.