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Baartman & Du Plessis Attorneys was established in 1997 and has been serving the needs of South African clients with passion and diligence ever since.

We serve our clients across a range of niche legal and compliance issues to provide the best outcome for every case.

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We understand that when it comes to legal compliance and legal matters, stress and emotions step in quickly. Our team of experts take the burden from you and work transparently throughout the process.

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We want to ensure that you are empowered with knowledge and treated with transparency as our client.

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Corporate Law

Whistle Blowing Policies

The Protected Disclosures Act enjoins every employer to authorise internal procedures for the receiving and dealing with information about improprieties and to take reasonable steps to bring these internal procedures to the attention of every employee. The provisions of this Act also applies to new businesses and should form part of your first consultation with your advisor.

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Corporate Law

The Stillbirth of a new Business

New business owners should, as the first point of departure, obtain professional advice from experienced and skilled professionals. These professionals will provide you with advice and guide you to successfully transform your business ideas into a sustainable and profitable business.

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Corporate Law

The Memorandum of Incorporation – a guide for new businesses

A brief overview of what the Memorandum of Incorporation document is, and what role it fulfils in a new business. New business owners are warned against cheap and standard “templates”, as these documents have true legal meaning and should be treated with care.

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