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Baartman & Du Plessis Attorneys was established in 1997 and has been serving the needs of South African clients with passion and diligence ever since.

We serve our clients across a range of niche legal and compliance issues to provide the best outcome for every case.

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We understand that when it comes to legal compliance and legal matters, stress and emotions step in quickly. Our team of experts take the burden from you and work transparently throughout the process.

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Business Change of job, unemployment, resigned concept.
Labour Law

Notice periods at resignation: a growing trend?

It’s a rising occurrence that employees are resigning without proper notice. In this article we briefly explain how the employee is legally required to give notice, but also what an employer can do if the employee fails to give this notice or just “absconds” his duty.

Young businesswoman exploring charts on computer
Labour Law

Compulsory Wallcharts for Employers

As an employer, you may be wondering exactly which posters you are legally required to display on the walls of your workplace. Let’s dive into the most common ones, some more specialised ones, and where you can find them.

Successful and executive employee with a large salary.
Labour Law

Unpaid Salaries and Wages

When can an employer not pay an employee, and what can an employee do if an employer simply does not pay them? In this article we have a look at these circumstances to keep employers and employees in the clear.

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