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Corporate Law

PAIA Manuals – The Exemptions

In terms of Section 51 of PAIA, and within six months after the commencement of that section (which was 15 February 2002), a private body had to compile a PAIA Manual. The Minister then made certain exemptions and indicated that private companies operating in certain sectors were exempted from submitting their manual, the sectors being companies with less than 50 employees or with a turnover under the threshold as published. This only related to the manual and not to compliance with PAIA.

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Exemption Compliance Note to Clients

Baartman & du Plessis Attorneys and Mr. Johan Pietersen jointly launched an application for exemption on behalf of more than 120 security businesses and have now received feedback from the National Bargaining Council for the Private Security Sector. This note is intended to assist you in the interpretation of the feedback and to enable you to address the NBCPSS enquiries to ensure that you receive the benefit of the exemption application.

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Family Law

A Guide to Surviving Divorce

Divorces are generally characterized by the absence of communication, financial insecurity, feelings of loss, and above all, high incidents of overt conflict. To make matters worse, the parties will now have to immerse themselves in legal proceedings for which they neither have the emotional appetite nor the required experience. This is your guide to Surviving Divorce.