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Litigation Services

Litigation is a phrase that is commonly used when referring to the process where parties refer their disputes to a court for adjudication and a litigation attorney is similarly an attorney that specialises in moving these disputes to court on behalf of their clients.

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Motion Proceedings: Step by Step

Motion proceedings are instituted by the issuing of a notice of motion and the applicant’s case or cause of action is set out in an affidavit. The application is thereafter served on the respondent by the sheriff of the court.

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The Litigation Process

A successful litigation attorney must have sound knowledge and a proper understanding of court processes to protect his client’s interest during litigation, including in matters of family law, criminal law, commercial law, labour law etc.

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Action Proceedings: Step by Step

and a document which is commonly referred to as a “particulars of claim”. The particular of claim sets forth the plaintiff’s claim and contains all the averments necessary for a plaintiff’s case to succeed and the success of a prospective litigant is largely dependant on the skill, knowledge, and diligence with which his/her attorney, drafted this important document.

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Damage caused by Animals

with claims for damage caused by animals and pets, including attacks by dogs. Victims may be able to claim compensation by means of litigation and more specifically action proceedings.

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Family Law

A Guide to Surviving Divorce

Divorces are generally characterized by the absence of communication, financial insecurity, feelings of loss, and above all, high incidents of overt conflict. To make matters worse, the parties will now have to immerse themselves in legal proceedings for which they neither have the emotional appetite nor the required experience. This is your guide to Surviving Divorce.

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Family Law

Interim Maintenance

Spouses are, more often than not, left in a financial lurch during divorce proceedings, which as we all know, may take months or even years