Service Areas

Serving in niche legal areas since 1997 across Pretoria and across South Africa


Specialist litigation attorneys to move your case to court on your behalf.

Family Law

Family matters become sensitive topics. We assist with empathy to ensure the best possible outcome for our client.

Wills and Estates

Preparation and careful attention to detail is key - our team will help you through this process.

Commercial Law

Expert corporate and commercial legal assistance.

Criminal Law

Assisting our clients with experienced attorneys in criminal law cases.

Labour Law

Keep your operations effective with expert legal labour law assistance.

Property Law

Helping you across the full spectrum of property law to ensure quick and effective work.

Private Security Services

We assist with a range of niche Private Security Support Services.

Empowering with knowledge

Be informed, be prepared

We promote understanding and empowerment when it comes to legal matters. We have commissioned a range of articles and resources, written in plain understandable English without legalese, that explore core legal topics.


Since 1997we have served our communities with expertise and care


Corporate and private sector support and compliance services