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Private Security

The Function of the NBCPSS within the Private Security Sector 

have been rendering specialised legal and compliance services to the Private Security Industry since 1997 and the subject of the compliance framework within this sector will be incomplete without addressing the role and responsibility of the NBCPSS.

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Private Security

Uniform Requirements for Security Service Providers 

Every Security Service provider is enjoined to provide security officers with an adequate and distinctive uniform, save in so far as close protection is concerned and must ensure that such uniform is worn by security officers when rendering a security service.

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POPIA challenges in Private Investigations

economic and other crimes in South Africa, but investigators may now be taken to task for not complying with the conditions for lawful processing of personal information as required by the Protection of Personal Information Act.

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POPIA Compliance for Security Service Providers

In view of the fact that Baartman & du Plessis Attorneys continued efforts to render an all-inclusive service to Security Service Providers, we ultimately had no other option but to develop a POPIA compliance service product for our clients.

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Private Security Compliance Framework

These provisions create a proverbial cobweb of compliance issues affecting the very core of the operations of any Security Service provider, including minimum wages, the formal requirements and appearance of documentation, the appearance of uniforms, and even the corporate structure of a security business.

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Private Security

The Private Security Industry is one of the most pervasively regulated industries in South Africa. This sector is not only expected to subject itself to everyday governance and compliance requirements but is also subjected to the uncompromising, sometimes draconic, compliance framework of the Private Security Industry Regulation Authority and the National Bargaining Council for the Private Security Sector (NBCPSS).

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Dealing with NBCPSS Compliance Orders and Compliants

man & du Plessis Attorneys have been serving the Private Security Sector since 1997 and have always maintained the philosophy that an informed client will be in a better position to mitigate its risks with the Private Security Compliance Framework.