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Corporate Governance at a Glance

This article outlines corporate governance and its purpose in business, as well as who is responsible for the framework. It is alarming that very few companies in South Africa have a formal and effective corporate governance framework in place, despite their size. This article will help any organisation, regardless of size, to understand the overview of corporate governance and where to focus their efforts.

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Armed Reaction, Legal Conundrums and the Exclusion of New Entrants

There is a serious and obvious flaw in the legislation around fire arm registration for security service providers, with contradicting laws leading to suspect practices from the authorities. This article offers a legal insight into the conundrum posed for the security sector when it comes to legislation around fire arms.

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PAIA Manuals – The Exemptions

In terms of Section 51 of PAIA, and within six months after the commencement of that section (which was 15 February 2002), a private body had to compile a PAIA Manual. The Minister then made certain exemptions and indicated that private companies operating in certain sectors were exempted from submitting their manual, the sectors being companies with less than 50 employees or with a turnover under the threshold as published. This only related to the manual and not to compliance with PAIA.

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Newsflash: POPIA Amendment Notice

Take notice that the Amendment Notice only applies to the Processing of Information in terms of Section 58, where the Information Regulator’s prior consent is required, for instance where information is processed for other purposes for which it was originally collected for eg Credit Reporting, etc. The deadline for compliance with POPIA remains unaffected.

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POPIA challenges in private investigations: Part 1

Information protection authorities from across the globe are now pursuing investigative bodies for non-compliance with legislation aimed at Protecting Personal Information. An Investigative firm was recently fined more than €150,000 for illegally obtaining private bank records of an individual whom they were investigating.

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POPI: to Opt In or Opt Out… That is the question

Over the past few days, you may have received various e-mails from business entities claiming that you indicated that you would like to receive information from such business, OR that you are a previous customer and as such could receive the electronic marketing. You would have further been informed that should you wish not to receive such e-mails, you can “unsubscribe” or use the “opt-out” function.
This begs the question of whether the business entity can obtain your consent “by default” should you fail to “unsubscribe” or “opt-out”.

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POP-i-BOX: Full Product Overview

POP-I-BOX is an integrated and practical compliance system for small and medium enterprises to exponentially increase their compliance with POPIA.